SUSAN BIJL X Experimental Jetset

Here Comes the Ocean

SUSAN BIJL collaborates with Experimental Jetset to explore the theme of ecology. The collection emphasises the problem of climate change and our worries as a country below sea level. The Amsterdam-based graphic design collective arrived at “Here Comes the Ocean”, a slogan without an easy message, with a tone that’s as optimistic as it is pessimistic.

There are many ways to address climate change and countless places to look for improvement. As surfers and swimmers, we are drawn to the sea; it is a place we treasure and hate to see destroyed by plastic waste. 

Plastic Soup Foundation

We will donate 10% of the revenue of this collection to the Plastic Soup Foundation. PSF is concerned with stopping plastic pollution at its source and puts your money into direct action. As part of their mission, they call out the industries and Dutch government where they fall short. They focus on the relationship between plastics and human health, campaign on microplastics, and the effects on our health caused by plastic waste. Education underlies everything PSF does, as children are the future.


Experimental Jetset’s design reflects both the dystopian and utopian sides of ecology. The slogan “Here Comes the Ocean” –a song lyric taken from rock music and pop culture– is used on the bags and raincoats in a distorted way, wilfully interrupted by the garments’ flashes. 

Elsewhere in the collection, peace signs and ecology symbols make appearances as well, caught in fragmented patterns that show the signs and symbols rotated and orientated in various opposing directions – as if to show their contrasting meanings and internal paradoxes. A slogan without an easy message, a pattern without any sense of rest.


Introducing: The New Rain Cap. The design is a compilation of all the best bits; the brim of a bucket hat, the crown of a baseball cap and waterproof like a rain hat. 

The collection further offers The New Raincoat, The New Shopping Bag, The New Pouch, The New Trash Bag and new patches. The palette consists of Experimental Jetset's typical colours: primarily white and black, with red, blue and yellow highlights. 




SUSAN BIJL X Experimental Jetset launches Friday, December 2 at 10:00 CET on and in selected stores. 

Join the launch party on Friday, December 2, from 17:00 till 21:00 at our Mauritsweg store! Music by DJ Carlos & Loma Doom, drinks & bites from Spirit Restaurants

Photography by Jan Bijl
Models above Rinke & Jaroby 
Model cover Lee 

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