New special collection: ETNOMANIE by Ellie Uyttenbroek

Next week we will release a special collaboration with ETNOMANIE by Ellie Uyttenbroek. ETNOMANIE is a wordplay capturing the modern-life hysteria of globalization. Along with our celebrated shopping bags and pouches, this collection will debut The New Raincoat.

ETNOMANIE refers to the flourishing interaction and inspiration between different cultures. Style crossovers result in exciting Etnomanian fashion languages and identities. ETNOMANIE for SUSAN BIJL is a collection that comes in five colours based on skin tones named after former Nobel Peace Prize winners: Wangari, Barack, Malala, Liu and Agnes, and an ETNOMANIE print.

The collection will offer the well known The New Shoppingbag (M & L) and The New Pouch (S, M & L) with The New Strap. With this collection SUSAN BIJL will also present The New Raincoat for the first time ever.

The collection will be launched on September 14th at the SUSAN BIJL flagship store, Mauritsweg 45a, Rotterdam.

Photography by Jan Bijl
Models: Jelke Ostermann, Angelina Koemans, Johan Amenyeku, Ebony Netserab, Eisha Hersilia
Design: Mary Pelders
Assistance: Pia Please

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