Inside The New Shopping Bag: The Leftover series – Devastator

From time to time we ask users of The New Shopping Bag about their life. In the light of our new ‘Leftover’ collection, a collection entirely made of leftover fabric from previous collections, we are doing a series of ‘Inside The New Shopping Bag’ in which we focus on fellow creatives and entrepreneurs that reuse material to create something new.

In the first edition we like to introduce you to Devastator, a brand new fashion brand from Rotterdam, run by our friends Erik Bosman and Arij den Otter. Devastator makes high quality fashion from leftover fabrics.

Describe yourself in three words.
Strive for honesty

Where are you now?
In our atelier working on our collection and preparing our very first presentation for Devastator. We work from a totally free starting point, so we try to figure out how we can put it all together as one cohesive vision.

Tell us something about you and The New Shopping Bag.
We got 8 now, we are suckers for collector items. Arij got his first one 13 years ago, as a present from Susan’s mom. She was over the moon with this beautiful yellow Dries Van Noten coat she had bought from Arij. Half an hour later she came back with this super colorful neon green and pink bag.

Tell us something about Susan.
Fresh, smiling, welcoming, sweet, down to earth and funny girl next door. We admire her as a designer and entrepreneur with this one single product, which we hope she continues to do forever.

What role does sustainability play in your work?
We do local. We don’t do overproduction, just small series or one-offs. We (re)use high quality left-stock material and buttons from all different places. We dye organic, no plastic.

What ecological measures would you take if you ruled the world?
Higher flight taxes, higher car taxes, more money for research.
No more meat industry, but animal friendly.
No more nuclear plants, but instead windmills and solar energy.
No more plastic.
More education to bring awareness.

How do you brighten up your existence?
Food, art, traveling, friends and tattoos
What part does colour play in that process?

None, except maybe for food and friends.
We find colours difficult. Only our bags from Susan are colourful.

Which music have you been listening to recently?
Music is very important for us, so to name a few…
At work: David Sylvian, Brian Eno, Shin’chi Yuize, Fennesz, Ryuichi Sakamoto
At Home: the new Fever Ray, Goldfrapp, Frank Ocean, Solange, Bjork, Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, Lana Del Rey ( oh yes) and always David Bowie.

What is your biggest loss?

What is your ultimate destination?
Living a simple, fearless and balanced life.

Photography: Jan Bijl

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