Gift it forward!

Let’s give a shopping bag to someone else, someone who has less to spend and could use some Christmas generosity. 

Nearly 55.000 Rotterdam households live in poverty, of which 1 in 5 are children. This year, instead of a regular Christmas discount, we pay half if you buy a shopping bag for someone else. 

We collaborate with Fonds Bijzondere Noden Rotterdam (Rotterdam Fund for Financial Emergencies or FBNR) to ensure your gift gets to a low-income household that could use an extra Christmas gesture.

"We visit families who prefer not to see us because parents fear we will take their children away. When you enter their homes, it is evident that furniture is old and broken, carpet and curtains broken. If I apply to FBNR for cots, and FBNR grants it, trust is created between the family and the aid worker. That is why I am so happy with the fund."
- Joany, family coach

How does it work:

1. Buy The New Shopping Bag - Gift it forward! for €15,95 here

2. We will process your order and gift wrap your shopping bag.

3. Then we will send it to a social work organisation in Rotterdam.

4. A social worker will bring your shopping bag to a house visit and give it on your behalf. 

Less waste

A cool side effect of this gift is that fewer single-use plastic bags will be wasted for every household that uses a durable shopping bag. The ultimate goal for SUSAN BIJL! 

25% of our December profits

Our collaboration reaches further than a holiday gift. We also donate 25% of our December profits to the fund.

Fonds Bijzondere Noden Rotterdam

The FBNR is committed to Rotterdam residents who are in a financial emergency. For too many people, it's a struggle even to pay the monthly bills. If legal and council support cannot provide a solution quickly enough, or sometimes no solution at all, FBNR can help with a (one-off) donation. 

FBNR works with many organisations in Rotterdam, such as Centrum voor Dienstverlening, De Bergkristal, House of Hope and KlaarOver Psychosociaal Werk. A social worker at one of these organisations can file a request at the fund when a financial crisis emerges. 

Social workers in Rotterdam can file a request at FBNR when a financial crisis emerges. The fund works with organisations such as Centrum voor Dienstverlening, De Bergkristal, House of Hope and KlaarOver Psychosociaal Werk. Your gift will go through one of these organisations to reach a household. 

For more information go to 

Buy the bag here.


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