Wendela van Dijk, inside The New Shoppingbag

Each month we ask a known user of The New Shoppingbag about their experiences with the bag and with some aspects of life in general. In this episode it’s Wendela van Dijk. Wendela is the creative force behind one of the most original shops in Rotterdam or even The Netherlands! Selling brands such as Christian Wijnants, Maison Martin Margiela, Paul Smith, Stella McCartney and Isabel Marant.

Describe yourself in three words
‘I am Wendela! It’s that simple (laughs)’

Where are you now?
‘In my store. We sell clothes – and dress people. If they’re happy, then we are happy. But we’re always honest.’

Tell us about you and the New Shopping Bag
‘I have several of them! They all have their own function. One is for the beach, another for the swimming pool. The ones that are neon colored come in handy: they make for great reference points when the sun goes down.

‘I also take them to the grocery store. I found out that they fit the contents of two Albert Heijn plastic bags!’

Tell us an amusing anecdote about Susan.
‘Well, I don’t really have an anecdote. But I can tell you this: Susan always strikes me as honest and relaxed, almost serene. There is also no difference between Susan the person and Susan the business owner. She’s loyal and as is pointed out: very honest.’

You’re the boss of the world. What ecological measure would you take?
‘Simply to stop overproduce and overconsume. It’s a shame we take so much we don’t need.’

How do you brighten your world with colour?
‘I arrange stuff (smiles). When I go to the HEMA (big apartment store, SB) I always tidy up the shelves. The same with book stores. I even get the urge to do so when I cycle along all these big, ugly buildings. All they produce is shade. I don’t like that.’

What music have you been listening to lately?
‘Well, I recently made a change in what I like. I used to listen to alternative stuff. I really don’t like that anymore. It all seems to be about complaining. I actually feel for those guys with a guitar, bringing the same complaints every night. No, what I like nowadays is music that makes you feel like dancing. Electronic stuff. I saw the group Jungle recently and they blew my mind.’

Final question – what does the future bring?
‘Well, I don’t have an exact answer for that one. But what I do know: the more experienced in life you get, the better ‘simple’ gets. So: the future will be simple, and good.’

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