Upcycle your old sleeping bag (or money) for refugees

Christmas is coming. And in the Northern Hemisphere this means winter is here. For some winter means cosy times on the couch, for others it means downhill adventures and even others experience as dark times with looming depression. However there’s a group of people for whom winter really is a matter of life and death: the homeless on our streets and the refugees in their camps. That’s why we want to tell you about Sheltersuit.

Sheltersuit is a fantastic Dutch enterprise that provides “water- and windproof coats that can easily be transformed into a sleeping bag, providing full-body protection”. Thanks to the brilliant idea and kindness of donors, Sheltersuit helps people who can’t enjoy the warm comfort of a home to get through the coldest days of winter. We can tell you a lot about the origins of the company and the development they made and the impact they’ve had, but you can just read that from their website.

What’s the matter now, is that you can contribute to this important project. Because Sheltersuit is short of materials they need to get 3000 suits out this winter to refugee camps in Bosnia, France and Greece. They are calling on you to send your (old) sleeping bags to them, so they can create sheltersuits out of them. If you have any, you can send them to:

Stichting Sheltersuit
Rigtersbleek-Zandvoort 10
7521 BE Enschede
The Netherlands

If you’re in the Netherlands (Twente), there are also a bunch of thrift stores that you can bring your sleeping bag to. And if you don’t have any materials, but would still love to contribute, money is definitely welcome, too! You can donate here.

We will definitely do so. You, too?

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