The Recollection Archives – 2015: Reshape

Our 2020 collection ‘Recollection’ is a celebration of 20 years of reducing waste in a colourful way: 20 years of SUSAN BIJL. We are looking back at milestones that mark important events and developments during those years. It’s 2015!

Our bags are famous for their bright and challenging colour variations and combinations. Yet, more basic colours such as black and dark blue have always been very popular and much requested amongst our customers. To complement our annual collections and specials, we introduced a collection made of basic colours that will never run out of stock: Black, Navy, Grey, Pine, Camel and Blue. SUSAN BIJL Forever!

After this collection with more tonal colours, Susan was craving for contrasting palette. Therefore, 2015 became the year of the RGB collection. Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan and Magenta as the six main colours, complemented with Black and White. Using colour names such as White Light and Pretty Pink, referring to pop culture, she made a very bold collection.
The Black & White and the White & Black combinations were so strong and popular amongst our clientele, that we introduced a November special that year with only Black and White bags. This collection was also the introduction of the solid bags, where the Flash and base have the same colour. The all-white and all-black bags sold out in the wink of an eye. How ironic for a colourful brand such as SUSAN BIJL!

In this year, we also added two new designs to our collection, The New Foldable Backpack: our first backpack design, and The New Protectable: a protective sleeve for your laptop.

All photos: Jan Bijl, models: Bauke & Ari.

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