The craft of comedy

Everybody knows Jerry Seinfeld. Together with Larry David he brought us Seinfeld. Almost 25 years after it first aired, it’s still innovative and deadly funny. A show about nothing? Try a complete, relentless mocking of Western upperclass society of the nineties instead.

After the demise of Seinfeld, Jerry seemed clueless. At one hand he tried to go back to do stand-up. The struggle of that particular process is quite aptly documented in the documentary Comedian (2002). At the other hand Jerry dwelled in doing not so funny commercials, and he was one of the people behind the animation film Bee Movie. While his buddy Larry went on to do another classic piece of comedy with Curb your enthusiasm, Jerry never seemed to succeed in reaching another round of applause and recognition.

Lucky enough, Seinfeld is back. Since a few years all Jerry’s endeavors seem to be about ‘the craft of comedy’. He found a way of enjoying himself (and the audience) by doing what he does best: talking endlessly about what colors his world. His most recent and successful output is the web series Comedians in cars getting coffee. The concept is simple. Jerry is the host, and he combines three of his obsessions: classic cars, coffee and comedy. Every episode he takes a fellow (well known) comedian out for a drive, and for a cup of coffee. Meanwhile they talk about the craft. Dull? Think again. You get to watch two amazing talents in a non-competitive environment. It leads to a large amount of great stories, filled with laughter. The third season just started, and has Louis CK as the first guest. A great episode – check it out here check it out here

A little extra: Jerry explaining the writing process of a simple joke, to the NY Times.

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