SUSAN BIJL x Bertjan Pot: more colourful than ever

We are very excited to let you know we have teamed up with Bertjan Pot for a special collection. The cooperation has resulted in 6 very colourful specials, which will be available from April 13th.

Bertjan Pot is a Rotterdam designer known for his ‘Random Light’ and colourful masks as well as for his work for brands such as Arco, Moooi, Nike, Cassina, Hay and Comme des Garçons. We are great admirers of the ingenious intuitiveness that characterizes his work, which is rich with fun, fantasy, colour, playfulness and inventivity. It’s remarkable how his designs have underlined the colourfulness of SUSAN BIJL.

The special SUSAN BIJL x Bertjan Pot collection brings you The New Shoppingbag and The New Pouch in 3 new and unique variations. Whereas the classic SUSAN BIJL designs are made of 2 colours, the designs of Bertjan Pot are made of 6 colours each.

The cooperation with Bertjan Pot is the fourth instalment in a series of collaborations, following joint ventures with 75B (twice) and Experimental Jetset.

SUSAN BIJL x Bertjan Pot will be launched on April 13th in the SUSAN BIJL store in Rotterdam.

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