SUSAN BIJL teams up with Michiel Schuurman for ‘No Signal’ collection

Today, October 6th 2017 marks the launch of ‘No Signal’, the new special collection by SUSAN BIJL and Michiel Schuurman. The Rotterdam sustainable design brand and the Amsterdam artist have created a unique series of bags, pouches and straps that recall television screens.

Michiel Schuurman is a graphic artist praised for his colourful designs and meticulous patterns. His work is part of collections such as Stedelijk Museum. On October 6th his collaboration with Rotterdam designer SUSAN BIJL will launch.

Titled ‘No Signal’, the series contains new versions of SUSAN BIJL classics The New Shoppingbag (medium and large), The New Pouch (medium) and The Long Strap, that – typically for Michiel Schuurman’s work – cross the boundaries between media, using patterns based on the classic test card and white noise of television screens.

Susan Bijl: “Michiel has projected his unique vision on graphic design, seeing our products rather as screens than as fabric. The very daring and loud result has left us in awe and is sure to surprise the SUSAN BIJL regulars.”

The cooperation with Michiel Schuurman is the fifth instalment in a series of cooperations, following joint ventures with Bertjan Pot, 75B (twice) and Experimental Jetset.

‘No Signal’ will be launched today, October 6th in the refurbished SUSAN BIJL store in Rotterdam.

Find out more about Michiel schuurman’s wonderful work on his website.

Campaign photography by Jan Bijl
Profiling by Ellie Uyttenbroek
Poster ‘Noise‘ by Michiel Schuurman

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