New Collection: Playground

Where do you PLAY?!

The new collection ‘Playground’ launches September 23rd! New colour combinations and a BRAND NEW BAG: a joyful reminder to free some time and continue to PLAY!

Playground collection

We are introducing The New Stash Bag in a MEDIUM size. Why? Because we did thorough research, and when the results came in, we realised this new size is where the magic happens. But we have so many magical bags already?

Yes we do, and at first, we were hesitant to create yet another bag. And also, from a similar size perspective, The New Shopping Bag large has plenty of spark already; why create something alongside it? Bear with us! We strive to inject a pinch of ‘multi-purpose and everyday use’ into all our products. But sometimes, one needs a little extra. Meaning, for some, The New Shopping Bag large occasionally lacks certain aspects. Not everyone would choose it as a ‘to bring to work’ option, possibly as you can’t fully close it.

That’s where The New Stash Bag medium comes in. The new bag is a little less oversized than its older brother in size large, but still has space for a lot of stuff. The medium is easy to carry over your shoulder; we know The New Shopping Bag large can be slightly temperamental in this area. 

The medium is an ideal fit for a bicycle basket and perfect for stacking your stuff; the bag will more likely stay upright because of its sturdier back. The New Stash Bag medium is like an older cousin to The New Shopping Bag large. They’re definitely family and on good terms, but very much different. It is ‘sand proof’ because of its zipper, has an inner pocket which you can close to keep your valuables safe, and has two strap sizes.


New colours

Back to ‘Playground’. This collection is an ode to your surroundings. The place where you feel inspired, free and most importantly, playful! 

The collection also presents three new colours: DuskNoon and Rise. We salute the grounds on which one plays: indoors or outside, from sunrise to dusk, anywhere and any time you want! Noon is our first-time PURPLE! If our Lilac, seen in previous collections, would be a pencil, Noon is like a Sharpie. Both options are wonderful in their own way, but a Sharpie stands out from a distance. The three new colours bring new colour combinations for The New Trash Bag, The New Bum Bag, The New Shopping Bag and The New Pouch. Check out the limited collection here.



Join the launch party on Friday, September 23rd, from 17:00 till 21:00 at our Mauritsweg store! Drinks, music, good company: let’s celebrate the start of Autumn.

‘Playground’ is available from September 23rd, 10 AM CET, online at SUSANBIJL.COM and in our stores. 

Photography by Jan Bijl



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