New collection: the many faces of Grey

We are excited to launch our new ‘Grey’ collection on September 13th. This special collection celebrates the versatility and complexity of the achromatic shades that sit between black and white. ‘Grey’ also marks an important step in our eternal quest for improved sustainability, as it will be our first collection that replaces plastic packaging with paper.

Born from the wish to make a collection in a monochromatic palette, ‘Grey’ offers all our well-loved products in a range of grey tones. Grey is a very important colour, often seen in a supporting role to make other colours shine due to its contrasting power. With this collection, we put Grey in the lead and in the foreground, showing that the grey tones are beautiful on their own and among themselves.

With names like ‘Tornado’, ‘Fog’, ‘Smoke’ and ‘Dew’, designer Susan Bijl again finds inspiration in nature and its complex, yet subtle colour shades. Out of this love for nature and the environment, we always seek to reduce our ecological footprint, and therefore we are very happy that this collection will be the first one with all the plastic packaging replaced by paper.

‘Grey’ will offer the popular The New Shopping Bag, The New Pouch, The New Strap, The New Bum Bag, The New Backpack, and The New Raincoat in all new colour combinations and in a solid tone. From September 13th on, the new collection will be available from us directly, as well as from selected retailers worldwide.

Photography by Mathijs Labadie
Model Gianni Burnet

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