How to dress to impress Wes

A new Wes Anderson movie is definitely one of the biggest events among film freaks all over the world. Back in 2014, when his previous movie The Grand Budapest Hotel was released, we already shared our love for all things Wes with you. But this doesn’t mean we’ll let his new movie Isle Of Dogs pass by quietly.

And neither do the cinemas. On May 11th our beloved KINO is celebrating Wes Anderson’s new movie with a Wes-style costume party, ‘Dress to Impress Wes‘: go see Isle Of Dogs dressed up like your favorite character from a Wes Anderson movie. And on top of that, the best dressed visitor wins a SUSAN BIJL bag. Cool, right? But, man, which outfit to choose?! Wes Anderson is all about style and each single character has just so much flair.

So, to make life a little bit easier for those of you who feel like dressing up Wes-style, we’d like to suggest some of our favorite Wes-looks:

Mrs. Fox (Fantastic Mr. Fox)

Suzy (Moonrise Kingdom)

Francis (The Darjeeling Limited)

Pelé dos Santos (The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou)

Uzi and Ari Tenenbaum (The Royal Tenenbaums)

Agatha (The Grand Budapest Hotel)

Max Fischer (Rushmore)

Enjoy dressing up and we hope to see you at KINO on May 11th at 20h00.

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